Imagine a spider making its way across your ceiling. The spider impresses you with its speed and ground covered. Real life spiders are probably just looking for a perfect place to build its web. On the Internet, search engines release robot “spiders” to crawl through the millions of websites indexing the information for future search queries. Search engine companies use these spiders to collect data to answer questions fast. In order to store all this information, search engine companies store the data in data centers all over the world because people want information immediately and if they don’t get it instantaneously, they are not satisfied.

Search engines take all pages with relevant information and compile a list for you to choose from. The most popular and relevant pages usually rank at the top, but the question is, how do you get to be number one on a search engine list?


Popularity & Relevancy

As the search engine spiders crawl through the Internet using links, search engines assume that the more visits a page has, the more valuable it is. This applies to clicks and also viral Internet content that uses social media to spread to users. Using an algorithm, the search engines then determine the relevancy using various factors including keywords, link quality, and engagement metrics.

As important as it is to rank well on a search engine list, designing a webpage should prioritize user experience over search engines.

No matter what kind of site you have, information resource


The Way People Interact With Search Engines

It is important to know how people use search engines to improve your online presence. Empathizing with your audience and knowing your audience will help boost your ranking on a search engine. In general, there are three types of search queries:

  1. Do – people want to know how to do something, think DIY, How-To, etc.
  2. Know – people want to know information and get answers, think research or general curiosity
  3. Go – people look for places to go on the Internet via websites, think “Planted Tree” to get

With this in mind, your digital marketing solution is to design your website for a smooth user experience and have the proper information easily accessible, ultimately making the most of search engine optimization.


The Importance Of Search Engine Marketing

Make your website both human and robot friendly to optimize your website. Although search engine robots have sophisticated techniques, they have not yet gained the ability to read information as humans do. The first five results on a search engine are prime Internet real estate. Websites compete with each other to gain attention and ideal placement in search engines, so keeping up with the new information is vital to improving your ranking. As with most technologies, search engine optimization trends, just like marketing trends, change and is constantly improving itself. Some search engine tools go stale after some time and updates help web designers keep up with the trends and new data that is available.


Search Engine Friendly Design And Development

Since robots can’t distinguish information as humans do, there are some SEO strategies that optimize your website’s technical aspects to improve your conversion rates and your overall digital internet marketing.


Indexable Content:

For your information to be accessible and readable to robots, it should be written in HTML. Non-text content like Java, Images, Flash files is ignored by robots.


Crawlable Link Structures:

Spiders travel through the Internet through links, so when designing your website, improve this travel by using crawlable link structures. These easy pathways let spiders browse your website efficiently.


Anchor Text:

Anchor text is the visible portion of the link. However, in HTML, a link with an anchor looks like this:
<a href=””> Planted Tree </a> The bolded text is the anchor text.


Nofollow Attribute:

When you add the attribute rel”nofollow” to the link tag, it tells the crawler to ignore the link. These links with the nofollow attribute are usually discounted and rarely followed by search engines.



Keywords in the search engine world are king. They are the base of language and search for search engines to retrieve information. In order to reach your ideal customers, you can the best use of relevant keywords, do some keyword research and use the important ones in title tags. These keywords will help you rank highly when people search for information.


Title Tags:

This element needs to be an accurate, concise description of a page’s content.


Meta Tags:

Meta tags and their attributes serve to control search engine activity – indexing, following, archiving, and using snippets.


Keyword Research

Researching keywords gives web designers important, valuable, and high ranking activities. With research, you learn the most useful keywords and phrases and about your audience. These keywords helps bring the right kind of visitors to your site for conversion.


The Effects Of Usability, User Experience, And Content

The sites that usually rank higher on search engines all are easy to navigate and have accessible relevant information, a professional design, and quality content.


Growing Popularity and Links

With useful, credible links, both search engines and users can discover how pages are related. Engines analyze the popularity of the link and measure the engagement. The links should be fresh, trusted, and popular. With this, you can boost your lead generation.


SEO Tools And Services

Search engines want web designers to create easily accessible content and provide tools for them to measure data points for opportunities to communicate with engines.


Some essential SEO tools:

  • Rank Tracker
  • Google Analytics
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Audits
  • Page Speed
  • Google Lighthouse.


Myths And Misconceptions About Search Engines

It is tempting to manipulate search engines to rank higher, but it hurts your website more if you don’t expose your information naturally. With keyword stuffing, spam, manipulative linking, and low-value pages, you tell search engines that your site is not trustworthy or valuable. Then your site will not be considered for ranking.


Measuring And Tracking Success

It is important to track data about search rankings, referrals, links, and other aspects. With these measurements, you can see what works and what doesn’t work and improve your website.

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